Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today in Ministry...

Wow, I haven't posted in a long time. I have just been through 3 weeks of trips with high school students and been able to talk with a couple other youth ministers though out the time. The question I kept asking each one was ( and I also ask this to you) "If you were not employed at your church would you pick it as your place of worship?" A lot of them said no. Isn't that crazy?? We are serving in a ministry where we would not volunteer to be a part of. Does that mean that we could be more effective somewhere else? Maybe...maybe not. Does that mean that we are some how hindering our relationship with God because of this dilemma? Again...maybe, maybe not. The question comes up as to whether our "picking" a church is for us or because it allows us to use our gifts most effectively. I would argue the first option.

What is it that makes us get in situations or churches that we are not on fire for or excited about? What is it that makes us stay in those situations? Is it because the senior staff has formed the church under their personality? Is it because we are so stubborn that we think God can only most effectively work in our way of thinking? But yet we push on in the situation whether right or wrong. Rob Bell says in his book VELVET ELVIS that the problem we have is that the pain is not enough to make us change (he applies this to all areas of life as I understand it). He says something to the idea that most of us don't get pushed to the point of doing something drastic. The pain passes over and we continue in the same situation until the pain hits again...It is the moments when it pushes us to change that we are starting to fix things...It is true...It is not until the alcoholic hurts or kills someone in a drunk driving accident that he will start to seriously seek out help. Even though he has had many nights crying on his knees because he wanted so badly to stop but did nothing about it.

I do wish that the church was more of an open place...I know I speak from just my church's experience, because it is all I know. It seems to me that it has become the opposite of what it was intended to be. Problems are covered and Sundays are superficial....again....my church is all I have to go on, but I think it is a safe bet to include yours....

Ok....enough rambling...I hope there is a coherent thought in this post. If not...maybe you can post one in the comments. ;)


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