Monday, August 14, 2006

Starting youth ministry...the frustrations.

Youth ministry is a crazy thing.  The average life span for a youth minister is under 3 years.  Well...I promised myself and God that with this church I would at least run for 5 years.  There is no way you can see any productivity in under 3 years.  It is just impossible.  I know my first 3 years have been very furstrating at times.  I mean, it is hard enough to have to get in front of them and speak every week without one of them saying, "You can't talk very well.  You keep saying words wrong."  Well...that just sucks to hear when you are already questioning yourself!  It is of the hardest things for me has been putting tons of time into things and the youth not having the same passion about it as I do.  But let's just face it...we are bummed out with church for the most part and when youth ministry is your job...well...prepare to get bummed out big time. I don't mean this to sound pessimistic or anything.  It is just the truth.  It is hard to stay fresh and build relationships when some days you just want to slap someone.  The big thing that hit me when I started was not realizing the emotional side to a job like this.  It is there..and it is not taught in college.  So I leave you with this....if you are frustrated with ministry...stick it out.  Ultimately God is just have to keep focused on him first.


At 1:08 PM, Anonymous Marty said...

Hello fellow youth minister. I realize you may think nobody reads this, but I'm in TX and stumbled upon it. You wrote my words on some of this stuff. I'm new to the full-time youth ministry. It's rewarding, but it is also VERY frustrating sometimes. But as you advised others, so I also advise you....stick it out...God is there! And may He continually bless you as you seek to bless others!
Grace and Peace!


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